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Security Services in Bristol: Proven and Professional Protection

Enrova offers a wide-ranging portfolio of security services in Bristol, covering Retail, Corporate, Construction, Car Parks and Events. As an SIA approved contractor for Security Guarding, we offer our customers a flexible approach so they get the exact service they require and expect. In our experience, we’ve found that no two security projects are the same, so by providing a tailored security strategy, we’re able to work around your business’s daily processes. Enrova is operated by people who care, and we work to create and maintain close contact with our clients to form strong working relationships. With our corporate security services in Bristol, we handpick the most suitable security guards for your needs, but you’re always guaranteed a fully trained officer with excellent communication skills and the confidence to take action when needed. Some of our most popular protection services in the commercial sector include reception duties, manned guarding, access control, managing the visitor’s log, CCTV monitoring and carrying out the fire alarm tests.

Corporate Concierge & Reception ServicesBristol

  • Simply the best and highly professional staff for your business.

Retail Security SericesBristol

  • Understanding the retail environment and needs of our clients.

Event Security ServicesBristol

  • Identifying specific needs of your event and determine the best plan.

Construction Security ServicesBristol

  • Ensuring your grounds are well protected and safer for the workforce.

IndustrialSecurity SericesBristol

  • We tailor our services to match our customers individual requirements

Car ParkManagementBristol

  • Shopping centres to office blocks trained car park marshals.

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WhyCustomers Trust Enrova Limited

  • SIA Approved
  • Trained Officers
  • Rapid Respone / Emergency Cover
  • Nationwide Cover

Cost Effective Security Services in Bristol

Our experienced officers have worked in a range of situations in Bristol, so every guard is able to integrate well within your working environment, becoming an important member of your team. Our ability to do our job efficiently and professionally sets us apart from other security firms in the UK, but we’re also able to provide competitive charge rates. Enrova’s retail security officers are highly trained with the integrity needed to deal with problems quickly, and whilst preventing loss and waste is a big part of the role, they’re also capable of protecting lives.
Another key area for Enrova is construction. With many building projects at risk of theft, damage and vandalism, it’s difficult to relax if you don’t have a security plan in place when your employees pack up and leave for the day. We can ease this burden and give you peace of mind with a robust security strategy that ensures your expensive materials and machinery are left untouched, ready for another day of work when your team arrives the following morning.

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No problem. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, whilst you can request a free no obligation quotation on our website. Whether you would like to develop a security plan for an upcoming event in Bristol or require a customer focused guard for your reception, we can meet your needs with a completely tailored solution. All of our guards share the same set of values and principles, so no matter what project you need us for, you’ll be supported by a guard or team of officers who are honest, self disciplined, reliable, courteous, dedicated and approachable. If you’d like to learn more about our extensive range of security services, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively you can call our sales team today on 0207 096 1304.