News: Creating A Security Plan For Your Business

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    Creating a Security Plan For Your Business

    Creating a Security Plan For Your Business

    29 October 2018

    It’s important for every growing business to not just create a security plan, but refine it, so you’re constantly improving protection for your assets, staff and customers. That said, you should not rush through this process. Take some time to understand your company’s goals, security needs and how often your security should be updated.

    Perform an audit 

    No matter how big or small your company is, you should review the security measures you currently have in place. Identify your assets and the information that needs to be protected, including hardware, software, documentation and data. Review the threats and risks that can occur in the workplace too. The goal with an audit is to leave no stone unturned; so do take the time to consider all areas of your business. This could be a monumental task and in that situation it’s best to seek outside help from an SIA accredited company such as Enrova.


    Recognise your priorities and set deadlines

    It does take time to research, plan and create a security plan for your business, so initially it’s best to set out your priorities. You may have some very specific security concerns in mind, such as making sure data and information is kept safe, or perhaps you desperately need to hire or recruit experienced security officers to ensure your customers feel safe and secure at all times. Whatever your priorities are, set out deadlines early on and be very clear on who you’re assigning each task to. 


    Execute tasks

    If there are certain security measure you can put in place very quickly and easily without any outside help, it makes sense to start executing these tasks as early as possible.


    Monitor and tweak

    Security equipment, services and techniques are evolving at a rapid pace. Be sure to stay in the loop by reviewing your strategy regularly, whilst taken the time to research new threats in your industry as you become aware of them. You can then modify your plan as changes happen, maintaining a competitive advantage!


    Rely on experts

    For maximum security, it’s recommended you take advantage of security professionals who can interact directly with your team, premises and clients. Here at Enrova, we pride ourselves on offering cost effective security solutions, tailored to your needs. We’ve helped a diverse range of businesses create and implement security plans, covering a variety of industries such as corporate, retail, industrial and construction. Our commitment to working in partnership with our clients enables us to offer the very latest technology and techniques. With SIA licensed security personnel, every member of our team is trained to the highest standards and we are regularly in close contact with our clients, forming strong working relationships.

    These are just a few of the steps that will help you identify problem areas. As soon as you have a security plan in place, even if it’s not the finished article, you will start moving towards your goal, creating an environment that’s secure and safe for your assets, staff and customers. 


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